Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's in my bag? (Click on the photo for annotations)

What's in my bag?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Friend Flickr

My new favourite internet hobby is to go on to flickr and type in various random stuff to see what comes up. Well perhaps not so random. A few months ago I needed a bookcase, I did not know what kind and I wanted to know the best way to display my books. In went bookshelves, and I literally got tons of bookcases and bookshelves in various lounges of the world – some bohemian, some posh, some grungy and others just plain weird.

I realised that by typing in the most banal thing I could find the most unusual things and some great blogs. So far I’ve searched for desks, writing spaces, notebooks, moleskine, reading, shopping, and er, coffee. And strangely I’ve been able to find all these objects with cats on them, near them, and indeed with them.

From a bookshelf search I found the website of Wendy who blogs about her knitting and life. (Incidentally, they have a very impressive bookshelf.) The other intriguing thing about Wendy is her participation in internet swaps. One of which is knitting socks and then sending them to her sockret pal. Off I went to the Sockret website where there are 100 women who all blog about their lives, their knitting and their various parcels they receive through the post. My other favourite sockret pal is Chelle who writes ‘Knits and Knotes’ and has two cats, lives with her ex -military husband who secretly cross-stitches and whose truck has just been taken out by ice. I lost her blog - it took me three hours to find it again but find it I did.

All this makes me want to learn how to knit and be involved in a knit. I want to get hot chocolate, skeins of wool, and soaps. Not only do the women send each other wool, but soap, knitting books, notebooks, pencil cases and all wrapped up in co-ordinating bright paper.

An other flickr search on desks led me to the pool on Moleskine notebooks. This took me to a blog written by a girl in Virginia, Anita Rose, who is obsessed with dead malls, collecting and tasting fizzy drinks, and recording adverts of old videos. She’s a genius but I don’t think she’s realised it yet.